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Chengdu Futian High-temperature Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech corporate profession in high-temperature industrial refractory products R&D ,producing and sales. Established in 1992, its predecessor is Chengdu Wuhou Refractory Materials Institute, and among the Leaders producing Purging Plug of Ladle Bottom Argon Blowing.

Headquarter located at Kexier Road No.1, Chengdu City, with a registered capital of 22.9 million RMB, we introduced overseas venture capital and became an exclusively foreign-owned enterprise. In 2008, we set up Chengdu Futian Luoyang branch, in 2013, our wholly owned subsidiary-Chengdu Futian High-Temperature Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the head of the board and the legal representative is Lan Ting .

Over 22 years’ hard working, now Chengdu Futian is a big player among metallurgical refractory material producers and suppliers , many of our products were certified as leading products both at home and aboard by Department of Science and Technology of city , province and the state , we own a lots national independent intellectual patent and practical new-type patent .

We provide products, technique consulting, construction and general contraction, our core products “Purging Plug of Ladle Bottom Argon Blowing" are one of the most popular in China' market .With regards to steel ladle and tundish, we provide best general contraction services to our customers with advanced technology and construction capability . Our have many medium and large corporate customers in China, including: Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. ,Baogang Group ,Valinly Steel , Chongqing Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. ,Jiuquan Iron&Steel Group, SD Steel, Xuanhua Iron&Steel Group, Dazhou Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd , Jiuquan Iron&Steel Group subsidiary Yu Steel Corp,DeSheng Iron&Steel Group ,Tranvic Group, Xinlin Iron&Steel Group, etc.

Operation Philosophy:" People-oriented, Credit integrity, Strive for transcendence”

Our Mission: “Provide Best Refractory Products for Clean Production of High-Temperature Industry"

Our Vision:" Create happy family and win-win platform”

Looking forward to joint hands with you and develop together!

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